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ISBN 9789387504936
Subject Mathematics
Oswaal CBSE Question Bank Class 10 Mathematics Chapterwise and Topicwise (For March 2019 Exam)

Some of the key highlights of Oswaal Question Banks are:

1. Chapter wise/ Topic wise presentation for systematic and methodical study
2. Previous Years’ Examination Questions with Marking Scheme & Toppers’ Answers for exam-oriented study
3. Mind Maps in each chapter for making learning simple
4. ‘Commonly Made Errors’ at the end of each chapter to assist students to study better
5. ‘Answering Tips’ with each Question to facilitate clarity

Why Topic Wise Question Banks Are A Better Choice than Previous Year’s Papers ?

Question Banks

1. Chapter-wise and Topic–wise presentation in Question Banks facilitates systematic study.
2. Question Banks can be referred to by the students throughout the year as well as at the completion of each chapter in school.
3. Question Banks, take into account any changes in syllabus or layout and hence are fully updated and aligned as per the latest specifications by the Board.

Previous Years’ Papers

1. Year Wise presentation restricts methodical flow of learning.
2. These can be referred to only after the completion of the full syllabus in school.
3. Previous Years' questions cannot be changed and hence fail to be adept with the latest Board specifications

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ISBN 9789387504936
Subject Mathematics

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