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ISBN 9789383746088 
Subject Accountancy
ISC Accountancy Class-XII

Table of content:

UNIT-1 : JOINT VENTURE 1. Joint Venture

UNIT-2 : PARTNERSHIP ACCOUNTS 2. Nature of Partnership Firm 3. Final Accounts of Partnership 4. Goodwill 5. Admission of a Partner 6. Change in Profit Sharing Ratio 7. Retirement and Death of a Partner 8. Dissolution of a Partnership Firm

UNIT-3 : JOINT STOCK COMPANY ACCOUNTS 9. Issue of Shares 10. Forfeiture and Re-issue of Shares 11. Issue of Debentures 12. Final Accounts of Companies SECTION - B

UNIT-4 : FINANCIAL STATEMENT ANALYSIS 13. Financial Statement Analysis

UNIT-5 : CASH FLOW STATEMENT 14. Cash Flow Statement UNIT-6 : RATIO ANALYSIS 15. Ratio Analysis Project Work Project 1 : Developing a Case Study Project 2 : Preparation of a Cash Flow Statement Glossary

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ISBN 9789383746088 
Subject Accountancy

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