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ISBN 9788125044741
WordMaster Learner's Dictionary of Modern English

About the Book

WordMaster is the key to modern English. It is more than a book of words, it is more than a 'meaning-finder'. Wordmaster moves beyond words and phrases, to understanding real English and using it appropriately and effectively. By providing users with clear and accurate meanings and illustrative sentences, Wordmaster leads learners from knowing to using, and from words to whole language. Key features: over 35,000 words, phrases and derivatives from modern English; meanings in clear simple English, further explained by illustrative sentences; includes words and phrases which have recently come into use; guidance on formal and informal usage, with further guidance on appropriacy; special guidance-alert on language which is not respectful, taboo language, gender-sensitive words and words which may cause offense; of special use to South Asian learners with examples, contexts and concerns which are familiar.


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ISBN 9788125044741

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