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ISBN 978-81-250-5529-7
Subject English
Succeed CBSE Exam Resources – English Communicative for Class 9

Class 9 English Exam Resource Pack by Orient BlackSwan

About the Book

Two books of comprehensive exam study material for the CBSE English - Communicative course designed strictly in line with the CBSE’s latest exam specifications.

Special Features:

  1. exercises and questions of exceptional quality
  2. right quantum of practice and guidance
  3. pattern practice with value points and answers
  4. Audio CD for Listening Practice with the Listening Transcripts and the Answer Key
  5. material developed by highly experienced CBSE-trained team of experts
  6. based on the latest CBSE syllabus / examination guidelines
  7. rich and extremely useful practice material -especially in ASL, PSA, OTBA (for class IX) which are new inclusions in the syllabus
  8. sharpens language and exam skills of students


Product Info
ISBN 978-81-250-5529-7
Subject English

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