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ISBN 978-81-250-5687-4
The Orient BlackSwan Primary School Atlas (Third Edition)

About the Book

This completely updated edition of The Orient BlackSwan Primary School Atlas is friendly and specially enriching for the young learner.
It has a variety of maps, photographs, illustrations and statistics presented in an attractive, informative and child-friendly way.

Some of the special features are:

  • a satellite map of India as seen from space
  • detailed, up-to-date regional maps of India showing all twenty nine states as well as six union territories and the National Capital Territory
  • thematic maps, showing India's climate, national heritage, festivals, transport, tourist places, vegetation, soils, minerals, industries and natural hazards
  • continental maps of the different continents
  • historical maps, showing how India has changed over the ages
  • all 196 flags of the world, including flags of newly-formed nations
  • world maps with important features of the world 
  • blank maps of India, Asia and the world for map activities
  • an easy to use index of place names
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ISBN 978-81-250-5687-4

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