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ISBN 978-81-7371-548-8
Wings of Fire: An Autobiography (Abridged, Special Student Edition with Exercises)

About the Book

APJ Abdul Kalam's autobiography depicts an extraordinary life: a child born into a little-educated family of boat-owners in Rameswaram---a small pilgrim town in Tamilnadu---who grew up to lead India's space research and missile development programmes, and emerged as one of the most important scientist-leaders of our time.

Wings of Fire is a powerful story of courage and belief, as much an individual journey as the saga of independent India's search for scientific and technological self-sufficiency. This simplified and abridged version now makes Dr Kalam's inspirational story accessible to all readers.

A comprehensive glossary provides help in the understanding of technical terms. This Special Student Edition contains Exercises.

Table of Contents


Strong Roots

  1. Early Influences
  2. Education Provides a Solid Foundation
  3. Preparing to Start a Career
    Exercises for Chapter 1 – 4
  4. Work Begins in Earnest
  5. From Hovercraft to Rockets
  6. Adding Momentum to Space Research
  7. Balancing Defense Technology with Space Research
    Exercises for Chapters 5-8
  8. Dreaming of Satellites
  9. The End of an Era
  10. Leading a Team
  11. Dear ones Pass On
    Exercises for Chapters 9 – 12
  12. Work Bring Solace
  13. Setbacks, Failures and Friends
  14. Success at Last
  15. Moving On
    Exercises for Chapters 13 – 16
  16. A New Job and a Wedding
  17. Making Our Own Missiles
  18. An Infusion of Young Blood
  19. About Motivation and Working Well
    Exercises for Chapters 17- 20
  20. Earth to Fire : Prithvi to Agni
  21. The Fire of Success: Recognition and Love
  22. Sharing Insights
  23. Looking Ahead
    Exercises for Chapters 21- 24

People who influenced the Author
List of Abbreviated Terms

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ISBN 978-81-7371-548-8

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