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ISBN 9789387672512
Subject Mathematics
CBSE Mathematics with Solution Practice Study Material Class 10 for 2019 Exam

CBSE/NCERT Practice Material Chapterwise for Class 10 Mathematics for 2019 Examination

● Important Terms and concepts
●Solved Examples
●Practice Questions (Very short answer type (1 marks),Short answer type (2-3 marks) and Long answer type (5 marks)
●Questions asked in board exams have been included
●Previous Years’ HOTS Questions
●Completely Solved NCERT Exercises
●Value-based Questions
●Acess Yourself
Subject Enriched Activities
●Math Lab Practical (Practice on Gowebrachnasagar)
●5 Sample Practice Papers (Answer available on Gowebrachnasagar)
(Designed on Time Management Skills as suggested by CBSE)
●Complete Solutions to NCERT textbook exercises and select NCERT Exempler Problems are given in a separate booklet as a complementary book.

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ISBN 9789387672512
Subject Mathematics

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