Class 12

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Sale Accountancy Part 1 Class 12
Rs 100 Rs 99
Ex Tax: Rs 99
Accountancy Part 1 CBSE NCERT .....
Sale Analysis of Financial Statement for Class XII
Rs 360 Rs 288
Ex Tax: Rs 288
Salient Features: Theory in simple lucid language Large number and variety of Illustrations givi...
Sale CBSE Computer Science for XII
Sale Chemistry Part-I - 12
Rs 140 Rs 140
Ex Tax: Rs 140
Class 12 Chemistry Part 1 NCERT .....
Sale Concepts of Physics - Vol. 2 Paperback – 1 Jun 2011
Rs 348 Rs 299
Ex Tax: Rs 299
HC Verma is considered as one of the most important book in physics for students whoare preparing fo...
Sale Conceptual Chemistry Volume-I for Class XII
Rs 765 Rs 612
Ex Tax: Rs 612
Table of Content: The Solid State • Solutions • Electrochemistry • Chemical Kinetics • Surf...
Sale Conceptual Chemistry Volume-II for Class XII
Rs 735 Rs 588
Ex Tax: Rs 588
Table of Content: •Haloalkanes And Haloarenes • Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers •Aldehydes, Keto...
Sale ISC Accountancy Class-XII
Rs 770 Rs 616
Ex Tax: Rs 616
Table of content: UNIT-1 : JOINT VENTURE 1. Joint Venture UNIT-2 : PARTNERSHIP ACCOUNTS 2. Nature...
Rs 350 Rs 280
Ex Tax: Rs 280
Table of content 1. Electric Charge and Fields  2. Electrostatic potential and capacitance&nbs...
Sale Principle of Physics -XII
Rs 1,090 Rs 872
Ex Tax: Rs 872
Sale Rapid Revision in Accountancy
Rs 495 Rs 396
Ex Tax: Rs 396
Table of Content 1. The Solid State  2. Solutions  3. Electrochemistry  4. Chemical ...
Sale S. Chand's Biology for Class-XII
Rs 550 Rs 440
Ex Tax: Rs 440
Table of Content: Unit-1 Reproduction Unit-2 Genetics and Evolution Unit-3 Biology in Human Welfa...
Sale S.Chand's Mathematics -XII (Vol-II)
Rs 620 Rs 496
Ex Tax: Rs 496
As per CBSE/NCERT .....
Sale Senior School Grammar and Composition
Rs 360 Rs 295
Ex Tax: Rs 295
About the Book This book is designed for secondary and senior secondary school students and imparts...